BC142. Andrew Franks - NFL Kicker - From D3 To The NFL

August 8, 2017

Brian sits down with current Kicker for the Miami Dolphins Andrew Franks to discuss his journey from playing Division 3 Football at RPI to kicking in the NFL.  Andrew's drive and determination to be great make him one of the top peak performers ever interviewed on the podcast.


You will learn...

  • Why Andrew chose to attend a D3 school.
  • The routines he has in place to succeed in the NFL.
  • The experiences that have shaped him into the player and man he is today.
  • And much more...

BC 140. Brian & Erin Cain | Family Values, Travel, Meditation, and Yoga

June 28, 2017

A special relationship podcast episode featuring Brian's wife Erin "The Bear".


Learn about...

  • The origins of "The Bear" and how the nickname came to fruition.
  • A "90 Day Getaway" and why it is so important to their relationship.
  • Their daily checklists.
  • The core principles of the Cain's.
  • The biggest challenges in their relationship.
  • And more...

BC 139. Greg McMichael | The Major League Transition

June 21, 2017

Former Major League pitcher and 1995 World Series champion with the Atlanta Braves, Greg McMichael joins Brian for a fantastic episode on baseball, the mental game, and life after sports.



  • The extreme adversity that Greg overcame to reach the Major Leagues.
  • An amazing story about how Greg thought his career might be over, but he continued to pursue his goals and ended up being an integral part of the '95 World Series champion Atlanta Braves.
  • Greg's unique perspective on the mental game.
  • The #1 way Greg measures success today...his answer will likely surprise you.
  • And more...


To contact Greg, Email him at Greg.McMichael@Braves.com


BC 138. Chris Villarreal | Fear & Confidence Are NOT Mutually Exclusive

June 14, 2017

Former Performance Course Athlete turned Army Ranger, Chris Villarreal joins the Peak Performance Podcast for one of the best episodes of the year.


You will discover...

  • The life lessons Chris has learned as an Army Ranger.
  • The importance of visualization and how he utilized it as an athlete and in the military.
  • A fascinating story of a police officer falling back on his training and habits.
  • Why confidence and fear are not mutually exclusive.
  • The power and weight of body language in sports and in the military.

BC 137. Monica Abbott | Million Dollar Mental Game

June 7, 2017

Monica Abbott is the D1 Softball All-Time Career Leader in Wins, Strikeouts, Shutouts, Innings Pitched, Games Started, and Games Pitched.  After her collegiate career, she signed the most lucrative contract ever paid by an individual American Professional.


In this episode, you will learn...

  • How Monica went through the 4 Stages of Buy In before participating in mental training.
  • The situations she visualizes and puts herself through (both negative and positive) before going out to pitch.
  • When she uses visualization and breathing outside of softball.
  • Monica's definition of success both on and off the field.
  • And more...


If you want more, visit MonicaAbbott.com

Follow Monica on Twitter @MonicaAbbott


BC 136. Bobby Maximus | The Importance Of Ruthless Self-Work

May 31, 2017

Brian sits down with one of the elite Peak Performers in the world, Bobby Maximus.  Bobby is a former police officer turned UFC fighter and is now the General Manager and founder of Gym Jones.


You will learn...

  • The importance of ruthless self-evaluation.
  • Bobby's story and what drives him to be elite.
  • A few techniques to help you develop more positive thoughts throughout the day.
  • What a bed and a cell phone charger have in common.
  • And more...


Learn more about Bobby's Training Shoe on LaloTactical.com.

Find Bobby's book Maximus Body here.

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