BC155. Eric Byrnes - The Mindset for Ultramarathoning and Life

February 5, 2018

On this episode, Brian converses with Eric Byrnes - a retired Major League Baseball player, current analyst on MLB Network, and one of the most genuine human beings on this planet.


00:00 - Cain and Eric talk ultra training

02:56 - Diamond To The Rough

04:12 - The history behind The Western States 100

05:43 - What does walking and exercising do for the brain?

09:01 - How does Eric use the hot tub and sauna for recovery?

10:29 - How is the ultra mindset different from the baseball mindset?

13:37 - If Eric could go back and do over the MLB, what would he do differently?

15:25 - The importance of The MOMENT

16:10 - “The Zone” and “Raising Your Basement”

18:53 - Eric’s take on the meaning of life

20:14 - The importance of movement and modeling healthy behaviors/choices for your athletes.

26:00 - Closing Comments - Watch Diamond To The Rough